The Effects of Home Delivery on Grocery Accessibility: A Case Study of Large Supermarkets and Online Grocery Stores in the Dijon Region

Varia 88
By Benjamin Motte-Baumvol, Leslie Belton Chevallier, Miriam Schoelzel, Guillaume Carrouet

People’s access to large supermarkets is spatially differentiated. If a large majority of periurban dwellers do not experience problems in accessing supermarkets, others face greater difficulties. For these latter households, home delivery of groceries may improve their access by overcoming difficulties associated with mobility. Based on a survey of service offers and interviews with the main actors in home delivery of groceries in the Dijon region, our results show that home delivery is still rather undeveloped and faltering. The delivery areas are spatially concentrated in the centre of the urban region and therefore tend to favour those households which are already close to supermarkets to the detriment of households living in peripheral, periurban areas.

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