Beyond the mobility biographies, the social production of travel choices: socialization, space and social relations

By Joseph Cacciari, Leslie Belton Chevallier, John Crisp

La démotorisation des ménages comme analyseur de la diversité des expériences de socialization à la « norme automobile »

Giving up car ownership is a potentially strong choice given its importance in travel practices in France. The absence of a car or its slightest presence does not necessarily materialize a gap devaluing to the norm, a stigma, when we examine the whole trajectory, from the socialization of individuals to the car. Based on the results of a qualitative survey by biographical interviews with people without cars, we examine both the multiple drivers of demotorization and the effectiveness of a potential stigma. Ultimately, it is a question of understanding the diversity of automobile socializations and their impacts in terms of renouncing this mode of travel.

  • car
  • socialization
  • stigma
  • norm
  • renouncement
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