What Kind of Territoriality for the Circular Economy? An Interpretation of Typologies of Proximity in Waste Management

Proximity Is Back!
By Jean-Baptiste Bahers, Mathieu Durand, Hélène Beraud

While the notion of a circular economy structures public debate regarding socio-ecological transitions of material flows, the issue of its territoriality has not been greatly discussed. One way to understand these issues is to focus the analysis on one of the main and oldest domains: waste management. Indeed, spatial approaches become more complex within the framework of a proximity principle. However, there is no definition of the geographical scale or modalities of this proximity. It is implemented in different ways according to the types of waste, the stakeholders in charge and the organisation of the industrial chain. This article analyses therefore the implementation of proximity, in order to understand how the territorial issues of a circular economy are appropriated.


  • territoriality
  • circular economy
  • waste management
  • proximity
  • urban metabolism
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