Reconciling On-the-spot Resources and Network Supply: An Interpretation of Proximities through the Notion of Socio-Energy NodeS

Proximity Is Back!
By Antoine Tabourdeau, Gilles Debizet

The intertwining between cities and networks has been largely reshaped by the development of renewable energies. Due to the rise of self-consumption, new intermediary organisations are being set up between energy networks (electricity, gas and district heating) and urban spaces, hybridising energy flows supplied through public networks and those produced by on-the-spot renewable energies. Considering the urban energy system as an assemblage of SENs (Socio-Energy Nodes), this article lists four generic SENs linked by intermediary organisations. Each of them combines spatial and organized proximity in specific ways.


  • planning
  • stakeholders
  • renewable energy
  • ecodistrict
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