Bike And Pedestrian Friendly Train-Station-Districts For Energy-Efficient Regional Mobility

By Václav Stránský

Contributing to recent work aiming to elaborate a conceptual and operational framework for energy-efficient urban projects, this article offers a reflection on the planning of cyclist and pedestrian friendly rail station districts as a lever of a modal shift from road to rail in association with active modes, for passengers as well as for freight transportation. I highlight the energy, socio-economic and spatial issues of such a modal shift in the case of the Paris region. A ‘suggestion box’ listing various fields for action to improve the cyclability and walkability of rail station catchment areas is then proposed. Finally, as a result of the synthesis of this suggestion box, an ambitious scenario for a ‘car-free Paris region’ is outlined and its feasibility is discussed.


  • energy
  • train station district
  • rail
  • bicycling
  • walking
  • transport
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