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The journal is included in the Urbadoc and London School of Economics and Political Science (IBBS) databases.



  1. The journal Flux publishes articles in French and in English.
  2. Only previously unpublished articles will be considered for publication. However, articles that were previously published in a language other than French in a non-French journal with national readership may be submitted for publication in French. Articles written in languages other than French may be submitted for review. Manuscripts submitted to Flux should not already be under review or in the process of submission to other journals. Authors undertake not to submit their manuscript elsewhere for a period of three months from date of reception by Flux.
  3. Articles should be a maximum of 8.500 words in length. They should be submitted electronically (.doc, .docx) to the journal: (see detailed editorial instructions below).
  4. Following publication, authors will receive the URL address enabling them to download their article for free from the Cairn platform.
  5. All manuscripts are subject to Flux’s single-blind peer reviewing process where the identity of the reviewers is concealed from authors, but authors’ identities are known to reviewers. This choice is based on the idea of guaranteeing the free expression of critical views, while giving reviewers full information on authors, so that reviews can best help to improve the quality of manuscripts, notably for early career scholars who expect constructive and considered feedback. A double blind process cannot guarantee total anonymity of authors and reviewers who are often easy to identify, especially in the disciplines covered by the journal.
  6. Before publication the journal requires authors to sign a publishing agreement assigning exclusive copyright on contributions for a limited period.
  7. In submitting an article to Flux, authors confirm that the manuscript content is original and unpublished. If the article contains extracts of text or images from previously published work, authors are responsible for sending to the journal any permissions from copyright holders that may be required for publication of the article.
  8. In submitting an article to Flux, authors also confirm that the manuscript does not contain any material that may infringe any laws and that is likely to engage the responsibility of the journal. Authors allocate to the journal the full enjoyment of the rights assigned against any disturbances, any claims and evictions.
  9. Declaration of conflicts of interest, ethics: authors should declare in the manuscript any financial conflict of interest or other material conflict of interest which could be interpreted as influencing the results or the interpretation of the manuscript. All sources of financial support should be mentioned in the acknowledgments section. The journal asks authors to respect ethical values in terms of the originality of the manuscript, citation of sources and of collected materials.



The opinions expressed in articles published in Flux are the sole responsibility of their authors.

Permission to reproduce articles and/or images published in Flux must be requested in writing from the editorial office.

A Flux’s open archive policy is available at and soon at

The journal authorises authors to deposit in an open archive (a permanent platform, and consultable by all without prior registration) the final version of the manuscript accepted for publication in accordance with the 2016 French Law for a Digital Republic [from 12 months after the date of first publication].

The journal asks authors to apply the CC [BY NC] license, in accordance with its own open access distribution policy.

One year after publication, articles are freely available on Cairn ( and on Persée for all articles published prior to 2001 (