Toward a Targeted Right to Transport and a Conditional Right to Mobility: An Evolution in the Inclusion of Mobility Inequalities in Urban Policies

“La Fabrique du Mouvement” Seminar: Paris, March 2012
By Cécile Féré

The inclusion of mobility inequalities in French urban policies is evolving, from a territorial to an individualized approach. The supposed virtues of individualization for reducing mobility inequalities have been highlighted by research on the links between mobility and exclusion. They deserve, however, to be analysed in terms of their implementation. The social aspect of transport policy, emblematized by a right to transport for all, is progressively shifting towards a targeted right to transport and a conditional right to mobility. The evolutions in the modalities of dealing with mobility inequalities result in forms of non-take up of these transport and mobility fare subsidies by people that do not benefit from the rights to which they are entitled.

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