Towards a circular metabolism of inert materials produced by demolition and public works in the Paris Region: A framework combining transition thinking and a territorial approach

By Agnès Bastin

Various actors are experimenting with new ways of reusing construction and demolition materials which are the heaviest solid urban waste. The article focuses on the processes underlying the changes towards circularity in the management of inert materials in the Paris Region. The multilevel perspective is used to map the actors involved through a distinction between landscape, regime and niche. However, this framework is combined with geographical, political and metabolic approaches in order to better understand the role played by space and place in the transition. It is shown that space participates in lock-in to the existing regime but also in change dynamics. Regime transformation is favoured by spatial’events’ and implies changes in regulation, categorization and representation of spaces and related resources.

  • circular economy
  • multi-level perspective
  • waste
  • construction materials
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