The Arrival of Private Operators in the Network of French Airports: Elements for a Foresight Analysis

Time and Network
By Michel Carrard

The objective of this paper is to propose elements for a foresight analysis of the consequences for local authorities of the arrival of private operators in the network of French airports. It is the result of an investigation which was completed in late 2014 on airport strategies implemented by local authorities since the reform of airports. The study focused on a number of regions : on the one hand, Brittany and Languedoc-Roussillon chose to coordinate their airport policy, while on the other hand, airport development in Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy, Burgundy and Franche Comté is compromised because of the competition between platforms. Foresight analysis is structured around three scenarios from the Cournot model.


  • airports
  • private operators
  • local authorities
  • France
  • foresight analysis
  • scenarios
  • Cournot model
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